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Watch the 11/8 Craig Valentine Program Video

  • Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Friday, March 01, 2019
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Did You Miss Craig Valentine's Program on Boosting Your Biz Through Back of the Room Sales?

Take some time to watch or re-watch Craig's Video where you will be inspired and learn.

You've seen lots of speakers do it badly. They irritate their audiences and their clients. Sure they make some money, but they've alienated many who wouldn't buy anything and certainly won't recommend them. So how do you sell in the back of the room well -- not only so they're lining up in droves to throw their credit cards at you, but also willing to sing your praises to the client and others? Imagine seeing a crowd of excited audience members at your product table with expressions that say, “I can’t wait to get my hands on this product.” Then watch as they purchase bundles of your products. Few know how to soft sell yet make hard cash. Craig is one of those rare speakers who knows how to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People). Learn his secrets so you can not only serve more people by providing tools to enhance your presentation, but can make good money from those sales. Even if you’re giving a free speech, you’ll walk away with loads of sales. And guess what? Product sales feed your speaking engagements which then feed your product sales! It’s the Speaker’s Cycle of Wealth. Get on board.

You will learn how to:

  • Make thousands of extra dollars per speech
  • Understand the biggest mistakes speakers make when selling
  • Use the Then, Now, and How Formula to get them to take the next step
  • Learn to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People)

Register now (free for Professional Members, $25 for everyone else) and you will receive a link to a video of the complete meeting, which you can watch from your desktop or mobile device at your convenience.

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