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  • Chapter Meeting: Branding Extravaganza 2.0

Chapter Meeting: Branding Extravaganza 2.0

  • Friday, March 23, 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Metropolitan Ballroom, 5418 Wayzata Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55416


  • Available once only; registration code required.

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NSA-MN Chapter Meeting

Branding Extravaganza 2.0
Two Incredible Sessions in One Power-Packed Program

Come join us for the latest and greatest version of the Branding Extravaganza. Regardless of where you’re at in your speaking career, learn how you can bring focus, clarity and life to your brand. This jam-packed and interactive two-part program features Dick Bruso's highly acclaimed story-based Brandstorming process for creating powerful, unique, and enduring brands in a very noisy marketplace.

In addition, if you currently have a viable brand you will be shown some very creative and dynamic ways to expand it. Dick has worked one-on-one with hundreds of professional speakers, authors, and business leaders in the creation and expansion of powerful and profitable brands.

Session One:
“How To Be Heard Above The Noise: Branding Your Uniqueness”
This jam-packed and highly practical session is designed to help professional speakers develop their distinctive brand, focus on their uniqueness to successfully reach their target markets, and position themselves to be "heard above the noise” in the marketplace.

Highlights include how to:
  • Create a compelling, memorable, and distinctive brand centered on “your story” that truly sets you apart in everything you say and do.
  • Maximize your ability to reach your target market(s) via creative branding, the incredible power of media, and strategic networking.
  • Produce powerful tools and products to significantly enhance your brand’s visibility.
Examples of dynamic branding, unique positioning, and creative marketing approaches successfully utilized by fellow speakers and other professionals will be shared throughout this session.

Session Two: “Brandstorming”
During this highly interactive session, Dick will demonstrate (with the assistance of several audience members) how you and your colleagues can develop brands based on your unique and powerful stories designed to truly set you apart in the marketplace. You’ll learn the secret of how to apply the “umbrella branding” approach to encompass all aspects of your speaking practice.

An international speaker and founder of Heard Above The Noise®, Dick Bruso is a highly regarded branding and marketing expert. Dick teaches his audiences and clients how to develop and expand their brands to powerfully penetrate the marketplace. His clients include best selling authors and in-demand speakers, as well as successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

He is a contributing author, on the topic of branding, to NSA’s popular books, Paid To Speak and Speak More! Dick is an active member of NSA and NSA/Colorado. He served as president of NSA/CO for 2005-2006, as the Chair of the NSA Academy for Professional Speaking for 2011-2012 and as the Co-Chair of the Cavett Institute in 2012.

Here’s what others say about Dick Bruso’s approach to branding:
  • Dick Bruso is simply brilliant when it comes to branding. He has a talent/knack for combining creativity and practicality. ~ Greg Godek, Past President of NSA/San Diego
  • People get powerful results from your program. I'm getting emails from my colleagues saying they've had breakthroughs on their brand, who they are, and what they are really about. ~ Carla Rieger, Past Program Chair, CAPS/Vancouver
  • Dick helped focus and define my brand, which positioned me for even greater success. ~ Karyn Buxman, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame
  • I can’t thank Dick enough for helping me get the clarity I needed, for helping create my brand and tagline, and for enabling me to experience in the speaking business what I had only dreamed of accomplishing prior to that point. ~ Sandy Geroux, Past President, NSA/Central Florida
  • We just collected a member survey about the past year. Our member’s number one choice for the most memorable NSA Michigan event was: Dick Bruso’s Branding Session. ~ Marilyn Suttle, Past President, NSA/Michigan

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