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Ready to Speak More and Earn More?
  • Are you an aspiring speaker who doesn’t know where to start?
  • Have you done speaking engagements for free but would like to start charging for them?
  • Has your speaking career stalled and you need to “reboot”?
  • Do you already speak often and want to become smarter about running your speaking business?
NSA Minnesota is proud to offer comprehensive educational programming designed to teach the business of professional speaking.

NSA MN Speaker Academy Program
Fall 2023
Eight live sessions designed to orient you to the business of professional speaking.
Subjects include:
  • Foundations of Speaking
  • Topic Identification
  • Ideal Audience
  • Initial Sales and Marketing
  • Business Models
  • Platform Mechanics
  • Presentation Delivery

Who Is This For? 
Aspiring speakers, those with full-time jobs wanting to become better speakers, those exploring what a future career in speaking might look like, emerging professional speakers, business owners, authors, experienced speakers making a change in topic/market and wanting to deepen their skills.

SCHEDULE: 6:00-9:00 p.m. on October 2nd, November 6th, December 4th, January 8th, February 5th, March 4th, April 8th, and May 6th.

LOCATION: Comfort Inn Plymouth, 3000 Harbor Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447

FACILITATORS: Each course is facilitated by NSA Minnesota professional members.

HOMEWORK: Additional homework is required. Individual work done outside of scheduled class time is estimated at between 2-6 hours per month.

To Learn More About Speaker Academy
Attend one of our informational meetings or contact Speaker Academy Dean Krista Ryan by email or phone at 515-707-9720.

To Join Speaker Academy Now
If you've already attended an informational meeting, or spoken personally with Dean Krista Ryan, and are ready to join, click here. Registration closes on September 24th.

“I joined the Academy several years ago because I wanted to speak more confidently in front of the professional athletes I work with. The whole experience opened my eyes to what was possible for me and other speakers! I got introduced to world-class speakers and programming that blew my mind. And as the year progressed, it helped me build the confidence to start my own speaking business. Today, my speaking business is thriving, and I owe it all to the Speakers Academy and the instructors. If you are thinking about joining, I would encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it!.”

Cindra Kamphoff, PhD, NSA-MN President, 2021-22 

“It was October 2014 when I decided to pursue my professional speaking career and start a bank consulting business—at the same time. A friend recommended that I join the National Speakers Association, so I started my research. The following year on October 2015 I joined the Speakers Academy. It was the right decision. My biggest takeaway was when they asked us the question: “Why do you speak?” “What is your message that you want to share with the world?” But they not only asked us the question, they helped us answer it too. I was trained in community banking, not in public speaking, even though I had been speaking for about fifteen years. The instructors shared tools, methodologies, and tips to improve ourselves as speakers, but also taught us how to run the “business of public speaking.” I am grateful to NSA and to the Speakers Academy. If you’re looking for a place to improve yourself as a speaker and also to maximize your business opportunities, I encourage you to invest in yourself and attend the Speakers Academy.”

-Marcia (“Marci”) Malzahn, NSA-MN Past President

“I joined the Speaker Academy in 2015 to develop the skills I needed to grow my speaking and training business. The Speaker’s Academy helped me get clear on my message, my marketing plan, and gave me the confidence I needed to really ramp up my business. One of the best parts of Speaker Academy was having an accountability partner. We still meet every month to share our goals and mastermind together. Today, I have a thriving speaking and training business thanks to the Speaker Academy and NSA.”

-Liz Uram, NSA-MN Past President

NSA Minnesota is the Source.
Whether you want to find the best presenter for your upcoming meeting or you want to commit to the speaking business.
We deliver the resources that guarantee your success.

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